Welcome to Parenting Concepts!

Welcome to Parenting Concepts!

Dear Parents,

Do you often feel overwhelmed with your children’s demands?

Do you ever wonder if your child or your family is “normal”?

Do you feel at a loss sometimes with your child’s behavior?

Do you ever question your ability as a parent or even feel that it’s sometimes hard to feel connected and close to your children?

I founded Parenting Concepts to help parents and other caregivers better understand their children’s world and needs and make sense of their children’s puzzling behaviors. At the same time I guide parents to look inside themselves and see their own part in the child–parent relationship dynamic in order to have a more satisfying and positive experience with their children. My goal is not just to teach a variety of tools and techniques, but to go a step deeper and understand the concepts and ideas that lie behind those behaviors or family dynamics. By understanding and integrating my parenting concepts you will be able to be the parent you always wanted to be and give your children the home environment they need in order to thrive in the future.

I hope you’ll find my site stimulating and enriching!


Eli Weiss – Parenting Concepts